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Автор:  Lisa Masoni
Категория:  Биографии и Мемуары
ISBN:  9788873042426
”She is Emily, Emily Marchionne: my life and my joy” in the book there are two interwoven stories between autobiography and romantic and dramatic tale. With an important message. In the first story we find Simone De Rosi, a sensitive guy, a dreamer who believes in love. Funny, dramatic situations are created around him that will change his life. In the course of the story he will fall by Emily Marchionne. In the second story appears Giorgio, a quiet boy, who was also a dreamer, who hopes to meet his rematch in love. It will cross the passions of protagonists, projects for the music, all narrated by a particular place and a particular person, which intrudes into the plots of the stories; to make sure everything goes the right way, but comes to terms with himself.
The novel deals with various issues. It's an autobiography, in fact there are events in the two stories actually lived, but also fictitious events. It's psychological because enters the hard ”Pathology” of bipolar disorder, a shadow that falls on people that is really hard to pinpoint and then ”treat”. More generally it's romantic, because the love story of the characters is crucial in the evolution of the latter. And of course is dramatic because it happen get very sad, that disrupt the lives of the protagonists. Can easily identify with them because the author is a young man who has tried the emotions and experiences that for better or worse we all lived. What dumbfounding, in a good way, is that reading page after page we ask ourselves what message or shall we say the moral of the text. Probably each of us will do a different effect. Curiosity will push to read line after line, devouring every word.
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